Monday, April 21, 2008

Check out the junk on the trunk**

Zoo birthday party a roaring success…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun (what a huge surprise). Additional apologies for the self-indulgent number of pics, so many great moments and images.

Sophie had a glorious party at the Melbourne Zoo yesterday – generous autumnal weather and gorgeously well behaved little friends (can you tell why she gets along so well with her friend with the rainbow wig? LOL – if not, just go back to the parisien chapeau post and all will become clear).

Plus a special surprise from her very favourite animals of all time – the elephants sent her their very own birthday card and she is the proud “adoptor” of an elephant for the year. We got to have lunch in the old elephant stables and go behind the scenes to have a hands-on experience with some creepy and other cute creatures (NOT the elephants, much to her disappointment LOL), followed by a carousel ride where Sophie rode on - you guessed it - an elephant!

With the help of her older sisters, we managed to secretly concoct a reasonable cake facsimile of an elephant’s head (although one of her friends did innocently ask “what’s that supposed to be?” - you mean you can't tell???). Fortunately, Sophie herself is a more forgiving audience – looking at her face, you can’t help but know she loves it, as mutant as it is.

Could that little birthday face be any more shiny happy? She glowed all day. Just love her to bits…..

Happy birthday Sophie Sunshine

** Junk on the trunk of the cake of course ;)

PS Fabulous new song is courtesy of my darling Kate who loves Sara Bareilles, thanks for the introduction Katie, I love her too xxxxx


Carrie Young said...

Looks like you had an amazing, wonderful day!
Great to see your happy, shiny face :o)

Georgie said...

Dunlop Volleys.......
All time!
Great photos and what a cool birthday Sophie, can't wait to meet you in real life in May xxxxx

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to your Sophie.